Who we are!

How it all started...

Previously known as FANS Digital Imaging Studio, Picture Me Portrait Studio was launched in November 2006. This is to give our creative studio an identity all its own and to focus on creative child and family portraiture.

Since the birth of our studio in 2002, we have been a one-stop shop fully dedicated to all our client's photo needs. This remains to be the same with Picture Me Portrait Studio.

Our goal is simple, we are here to serve you and give creative portraits of high quality prints that you can keep and cherish for a lifetime!

Who do we serve?

We serve everyone young and old, from all walks of life that are looking for professional portraiture to document that special ocassion or moment in time. Here in Picture Me, we do not only take simple photographs, we make creative portraits that bring out the best in you. Whether a first time mom, waiting to capture her child's important milestones, a young lady's debut; seniors and business people looking for passports or business cards portraits.

At Picture Me, we know that every moment counts. So don't let that moment slip away without capturing the memory in portrait.

Our Studio

Our freshly renovated studio is child-friendly and pleasant for the entire family. Our camera room looks bright and props placed neatly in a row, with a cool bath tub set for kids to play make believe shower time; even an elegant vanity table young girls would surely love and a whole lot more! Being a professional studio, we use only state of the art camera and studio equipments to ensure you get the best quality portraits and have a truly wonderful photo experience that will keep you satisfied and happy.

Our People

Our people are trained to be multi-tasking in all aspects. The minute you come in, they are there to greet you with a smile, making you feel at home with us and entertain the whole family thus preparing you for the mood you need for a great and successful photo session.